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Thank You

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The generosity of our Philippian Partners makes it possible for us share the Good News of Jesus Christ! Whether your seed is a one-time gift or a reoccurring effort, we appreciate the thoughtful sacrifice to undergird the work of this ministry through prayer, volunteerism and financial support. Just as the Apostle Paul cherished the church at Philippi for their genuine concern and loving support, Eric George Vickers Ministries values every spiritual and financial contribution made to us as we strive to exhaust every measure to connect people to Christ! Thank you for helping us make a difference in the Kingdom of God!

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We accept all major credit and debit cards as a means of payment. If you desire to give by check, please make your donation payable to Eric George Vickers Ministries, Inc. All contributions are tax deductible as outlined by IRS regulations.

P.O. Box 312315 . Atlanta, GA 31131


Thank you for your contribution!

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