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[wolf_dropcap text=”P” font=”Montserrat”]raise God from whom all blessings flow! With overflowing joy, I greet you in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ by whose atoning sacrifice we have been made sons and daughters of God! Glory to His Name! What an enviable privilege it is to have a Father who meets every need, pours out blessings, manufactures new mercies, responds to our call, forgives without delay and loves without limits! Our God is awesome! To consider that all He desires from us is to love Him wholeheartedly and our neighbor as ourselves seems like a classic case of equitable imbalance. Yet, this simple charge is simultaneously the loftiest command; to perpetually live in sacred submission to the way and will of God. For this reason we have come on another Lord’s Day with a disposition of jubilant expectation and a spirit of heartfelt appreciation. By all accounts, we pause to reflect and rejoice, pray and praise, meditate and magnify. Hallelujah and Amen!
In addition to our usual worship liturgy, we pause today to celebrate academic achievements on every level. After many grueling days of enduring the rigorous demands of course loads, balancing extra-curricular activities, overcoming testing anxiety, organizing study groups and praying for God’s favor in all things, we set aside this day to breathe sighs of relief and exclaim with confident exhortation that God is faithful! In many ways, the academy helps us appreciate what scripture teaches about God’s plans for us. Before God sends us forward in righteous practice, He sets us aside in rigorous preparation. The first call God gives each of us is the ministry of preparation; from Moses tending sheep in a foreign land to the disciples following Jesus for over three years. Today, we celebrate the commitment to preparation! Hallelujah and Amen!
I am honored to share in ministry with a congregation who places a serious premium on academic achievement. Many of the societal ills that plague our people and confine us to systemic exclusion of access to fair and equitable opportunities are directly related to education. Economic studies suggest the best way to rise above lives of poverty, crime and violence, drugs and alcohol and probability of early disease is through educational success. As a church that continues to levy the expectation of achievement, we directly influence the betterment of this community. Congratulations to all students and parents! I have looked forward to witnessing the graduation processional and anticipate joining very soon! Until the day of that great, celestial processional…rejoice and be glad!

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