Pastor’s Pen

[wolf_dropcap text=”F” font=”Montserrat”]or much of our time as pastor and people, the Lord has led us to renew our church wide emphasis on witnessing and evangelism. The assignment and expectation of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others is both a privilege and a mandate that should be cherished and taken seriously. The Good News is life-saving to the lost, life-changing to the broken and life-giving to the dying. Our faith is rooted and anchored in the understanding that no person can remain the same upon contact with the true and living Word of God. The truth of the gospel breaks through barriers and breaks down systems; it arrests the heart and liberates the soul, it shakes the foundation but stabilizes the ground. The awareness of God’s limitless love for sinful man is too explosive to contain within fragile, earthen vessels. We must run and tell! Hallelujah and Amen!
What does it take to become an effective witness for Jesus Christ? According to the book of Acts, the apostles and first century believers were on one accord and prayed for boldness and courage to proclaim the resurrection of Jesus Christ, his victory over death and his Lordship over all creation. In response to their unity and petitions, heaven answered with an outpouring and filling of the Holy Spirit to equip them with the boldness and strength needed to fulfill the assignment. In like fashion, we should commit ourselves to the principle of relentless prayer and revolutionary togetherness. In doing this, we provide God with usable instruments for the work of the ministry, the furtherance of the Gospel and the glorification of His Name! Hallelujah and Amen!
Concurrently, we must also be intentional about dismantling and abandoning facades, appearances and egotisms that conceal the active, incessant and progressive work of the gospel within, upon and around us. Be transparent! Learn to selflessly share with others the noble journey upon which you have been led by God! Share your mistakes and shortcomings without glorying in them and proudly convey the lengths you have come while outlining the distance still needed to travel! Dignity and honesty are not mutually exclusive. It has been said that our lives are the only Bible some people will ever read. If this is the case, how legible is God’s redemptive story in you? Are you open and well utilized or are you furniture decoration for the coffee table? We must run and tell! Rejoice and be glad!