Pastor’s Pen

[wolf_dropcap text=”A” font=”Montserrat”]ttentive students of life can attest that every scar is not visible and every cry is not audible. Difficulties can leave us harnessing unbearable pain with no clear sign of outward injury. These transparent admissions underscore the importance of bearing one another’s burdens and displaying the love of Christ through sensitivity and compassion. The people of God, within and outside the formal gathering of believers, should be perpetually concerned with displaying His unconditional love on a daily basis. This week was so difficult for some among us that it took every ounce of strength to come to church today. Minds were tempted to let clothes, opinions, perceptions and the overwhelming lack of energy and motivation to prevent attendance in worship today. Notwithstanding, we made it! Congratulations to all of the overcomers who climbed mountains, endured valleys, withstood fire and survived the floods of last week’s trials. We’re still here! God be praised! Hallelujah and Amen!
With the illuminated awareness of our uncontestable victory, the opportunity to worship God on this Lord’s Day is an undeniable privilege. As I recall the horrific tragedy that befell students from Langston Hughes High School last week, we should be reminded that life is too short to major in minor areas. Apologize and accept the apology. Forgive and receive forgiveness. Restore and receive restoration. Heal and receive healing. With each passing week, there is a new episode of violence and heartbreak that leaves families shattered and communities dumbfounded. Yet, with all that is fragmented and broken within and around us, we have a God who is willing and able to put us back together if we trust Him with the pieces. Today is a great day to trust God with the fragments! Hallelujah and Amen!
With unwavering assurance that the presence of God will meet us, I take full pastoral pleasure in welcoming you to our ‘Family and Friends Day’ worship experience. My prayer to God is that His power will touch your direct point of need in a way that is transcendent and transformative, exhilarating and exhaustive, reverent and relevant, life-changing and life-saving. I have no doubt that through the power of today’s experience, we will leave with a renewed awareness that God heals the invisible hurts, hears the inaudible cry and is both willing and able to restore what is lost, replenish what is depleted and revive what is lifeless. Rejoice and be glad!