Pastor’s Pen

[wolf_dropcap text=”I” font=”Montserrat”] never shall forget the first time I saw an adult labeled as a “little person”. As a child, I stared in bewilderment because I could not understand how someone of age could remain so small. Although I was a child, our limbs measured the same, our height measured the same and the size of our clothes seemed to be comparable. I could not help but to consider that no matter how old the person became, they would still remain the same size due to a genetic defect. Unfortunately, many full grown adults in the church remain spiritual midgets due to their own negligence and carelessness when it comes to the Word of God and Christian behavior. There is little to no growth, maturity or progress. Sometimes, the same look of bewilderment comes across the face of others who have no affiliation with the church.
Are you better today than you were yesterday? There is no greater tribute one can give to God than that of intentional progress. Even though burdened by human error, one of the ways creation can offer daily worship to Creator is to proclaim the limitless love of God through the vehicle of improvement. To properly and honestly assess this question, one must be robed in the garment of humility. The Christ-like mind must interrogate the soul to take spiritual inventory to detail the strides from one day to the next. Believers must strip themselves of pride, arrogance, egos, titles and all manner of self-righteousness before the stripped image of a guilty sinner and a Holy God. Are you better today than you were yesterday?
What is the most efficient barometer for such a question? What is the proper measuring system to practically gage spiritual progress? Surprisingly, this is a question that many fail to accurately answer. The litmus for this question and all questions lies in the written, incarnated and proclaimed Word of God. It becomes rather easy to fall into the trap of measuring one’s rights against the wrongs of others and vice versa. Nevertheless, this is not the right way to perform a self-check. Some even try to measure themselves against the Pastor or other church leaders. This, too, is a faulty test. As the called out of God, our progress should always be measured against the Word of God. Are you better today than you were yesterday?
Let’s grow up. Let’s kill the nonsense, gossip, tattling and backbiting. Let’s not be the reason someone decides not to choose Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. I was told over and over again that we will never reach perfection on this side, but there ought to be some forward progress within us from day to day. Are you better today than you were yesterday? Rejoice and be glad!