Pastor’s Pen

[wolf_dropcap text=”P” font=”Montserrat”]raise God from whom all blessings flow! On this Lord’s Day, we will gather around the Lord’s table for the eleventh time this year. I do not want our minds to outpace our hearts as we consider two striking points of insight. Firstly, the God of all creation has allowed us to survive the challenges of the year until this point. We have been kept from dangers seen and unseen; we have a reasonable portion of health and strength; we have gained some victories and endured some defeats, but through it all, we are still standing upon the top-side of the soil! God be praised! Secondly, we are afforded another experience to earnestly reflect upon the weight of suffering that Jesus endured for us. We recall, the mocking, beating, scourging, and shame that he bore for us. Although we will never know the depth of Calvary we can rejoice that because of his ultimate sacrifice, we experience a life of full joy today and eternally! Hallelujah and Amen!

Last Monday, Sis. Vickers and I took advantage of early voting in Fulton County. My challenge for people of color is not to allow the imperfection and downright institutional, systemic evil in government to dissuade us from voting. We should not allow our dissatisfaction of candidate options to dissuade us from voting. If we are hard pressed to find a reason to vote, then we should cast our ballots for Jimmie Lee Jackson. We should cast our ballots for every soul that withstood the receiving end of firehoses and billy clubs. We should cast our ballots for every unjustly occupied paddy wagon and jail cell. We should cast our ballots for the young brother who stood his ground and lost his life. We should cast our ballots for every young man who can’t breathe. We should cast our ballots for the young lady who failed to use her turn signal. Let us gather around the booths because of the martyred sacrifices of others. Hallelujah and Amen!

This Tuesday, let us make it our sacred obligation to vote. The hard work has already been handled for us. I truly believe that if we do not take advantage of the sacrifice that was made for us, then we deserve whatever happens to us. We deserve for the Voting Rights Act of 1964 to be repealed. We deserve every crooked district attorney, every judge for hire and every self-serving, bigoted politician. Just as Christ bore the heavy end of our salvation, our fore parents bore the heavy end of our social inclusion. I pray we do not spit upon their memory. The rest is up to us. Rejoice and be glad!