Pastor’s Pen

[wolf_dropcap text=”I” font=”Montserrat”]n my humble opinion, the movie Friday is one of the greatest films to ever grace the big screen. This iconic movie provided timeless comedic soundbites for an entire generation as it detailed the trials of two young men surviving the daily obstacles of urban Los Angeles in the mid 90’s. The audience spent the day tagging as the third wheel with Ice Cube’s character, Craig and Atlanta native Chris Tucker’s character, Smokey. One of the main plotlines is the David and Goliath-like theme of the underdog overcoming the neighborhood bully, DeeBo. DeeBo was notorious in the neighborhood for stealing and violently imposing his will for whatever he desired. During two occasions, Craig contemplated using a gun to permanently end DeeBo’s reign of neighborhood terror. Ultimately, he opted to use his fists. He took some blows, but bounced back and overcame DeeBo in front of the entire neighborhood. This was my first introduction to a knock-out, drag-out fight.

Today, we pause to celebrate all of those who have stood up to the bully of breast cancer. We celebrate those who survived and are able to share their testimonies; we also remember those who fought and found victory on the other side. I am very proud of our members who boldly testified before our congregation every Sunday in the month of October. I pray that all of our sisters were challenged to be vigilant in making mammogram appointments with the awareness that early detection is key in this fight. I also want to make our brothers aware that breast cancer can happen to us as well. Thank you for your contributions to the American Cancer Society. Today, I salute every survivor and all of those who have been impacted in some way by the bully of breast cancer. Let’s confront this DeeBo through early detection and knock it out! Rejoice and be glad!