Pastor’s Pen

[wolf_dropcap text=”D” font=”Montserrat”]uring this election season, our nation has witnessed the unapologetic degradation of minorities, faith traditions, veterans, candidates, politicians and the physically impaired in unprecedented fashion. What initially began as a humorous, long-shot attempt for the oval office has transmuted into a dangerous possibility in the midst of the most sensitive social climate since the civil rights movement. With the swift and careless movement of his tongue, the Republican Presidential nominee has sanctioned violence, hatred and has stoked a wildfire of prejudice that would make Bull Conner blush. With no political experience and a litany of failed businesses lined by egregious unethical practices, extreme conservatives and evangelicals have pardoned his deplorable and despicable behavior including but not limited to sexual assault. While I cannot tell you who to vote for, I do carry the sacred obligation to tell you to vote. Vote early if you are able.

As I pondered why the Lord would allow such a situation to befall this nation, I realized that God has a lengthy history of using enemies to humble arrogant nations. I also remembered that the church must learn the power of words. Quietly, many people have stopped supporting the vast ventures of the Republican nominee. His hotels, wine, clothes and so many other brands have taken a major hit and his name has been tarnished because of the recklessness of his tongue. My prayer to God is that this church family will take note; we do harm to ourselves and to the name of Christ when we are careless talkers.

Rather, let us commit ourselves to using our mouths to edify and not destroy; to encourage and not gossip; to pray and not condemn; to praise and not curse. In this way, we will bring honor to God and the work of the ministry even in a perverse generation. The business of soul saving is too serious for the church to be infested with the foolishness of undisciplined tongues. May you be so burdened with the business of talking about Jesus and encouraging the saints that you are left with no time to complain, murmur and grumble. He who hath ears let him hear. Keep up with the Philippians! Hallelujah and Amen!